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Deadbolt Locks  

In a dead bolt lock, the lock bolt is moved by the turning of a key or knob. It does not employ the action of a spring of any type. The benefits of a deadbolt lock are its ability to withstand physical force and break-in attempts such as battering and boring.

The bolts are made out of hardened steel so it is quite difficult to force open. In other words, these locks offer increased protection for your valuables and loved ones. In addition, because the dead bolts are not activated by a spring, they cannot be jimmied open using a knife or similar object. The three main types of deadbolt locks are single cylinder deadbolt (only one keyhole), double cylinder deadbolt (a keyhole on either side of the door) and keyless cylinder deadbolt (uses a fingerprint scanner or a keypad for passwords).

While standard locks are prone to being easily unlocked with a crowbar, a deadbolt lock is very difficult to break using such an object. Also, it requires a lot of time to manage to open a door protected by a deadbolt lock. Consequently, a potential intruder will surely think twice before attempting to break into your house or apartment. The only vulnerability of these lock is the lock bumping technique.


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