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Digital Locks

Digital Locks  

Digital door locks, also known as electronic door locks, enable you keyless entry into your apartment, house, commercial space, or hotel room. There are a wide variety of models available, and some even have a fingerprint door lock option. In other words, only your fingerprints can unlock your door, which is a pretty secure way of protecting your valuables.

Keyless door locks are self-contained and, as such, are very easy to fit in most cases. There is no need for any additional hardware, even for a keypad door lock (the keypad is on the exterior of the lock). One of the great advantages of this type of lock is that it can be reprogrammed at any time quickly and without much effort. Instead of rekeying a traditional lock and changing all the keys, all you have to do is change the access code or fingerprint.

Electronic door locks can be installed on multi point UPVC doors and on timber doors, so you don't have to worry about fitting one on your particular door type. The level of security, however, depends on the digital door lock you choose. Various locks - sold at various prices - are more or less secure to different kinds of attacks (brute force, hacking, etc.).

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