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Door Knobs  

A door knob, or door handle, is the part of the door locking mechanism that you use to open the door. Depending on which type of locking mechanism you have on your door, the knob may look and operate differently. You can find a wide variety of these handles on the market, ranging from glass door knobs to modern door knobs.

The door knob is a part of the locking mechanism most of the time. However, it is also one of the first things a visitor sees when he or she is at your front door. As such, you should pick knobs that complement your door and that will not tarnish and break easily. There are very few things more embarrassing for you than a guest who accidentally takes the knob off the door.

Low quality (cheap, in other words) knobs will look old after just a few months and are susceptible to breaking. If you have a glass door, you should make sure you use glass door knobs. Also, don't use antique knobs of modern doors - there are plenty of modern door knobs to choose from. According to designers, it's the small things, including the door knobs that add the finishing touches to an otherwise perfect home.

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