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Lever Locks

Lever Locks

Lever handle locks are usually found in commercial locations, but it is not uncommon to see them on apartment and house doors. Instead of a knob that turns, a lever lock has push down handles that one must press to open the door.

They are considered by many to be modern door knobs, but it is really up to the owner of the property which style he chooses. There is nothing wrong with this type of locks because they act the same as knob locks. The only difference is that the locking mechanism is located in the handle. This has a negative side effect; a lever lock can be easier to force open than a knob lock.

This is why these modern interior door handles are not generally used on doors that open to the outside. If one exerts too much force on the handle, it may break and allow intruders to gain access. However, it all depends on the price you pay for your locks. More expensive locks are much more durable and resilient, and can withstand impressive amounts of force before breaking.

Remember to look at the grade of your locks. Grade 1 locks are the cheapest and least secure, while grade 4 locks are the most resilient.


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