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High security locks are designed to keep even the most determined intruders off your property. They are designed to keep you, your family and your possessions safe from theft, burglary and vandalism. High security locks, such as the Medeco lock or the Mul T Lock, are designed to withstand huge amounts of physical force before breaking. Also, they are mostly immune to lock picking and other methods of breaking in. Of course, one could drill a hole into the lock or cut it using a blowtorch.

However, the noise any of these actions would make would surely attract attention. Most intruders will simply not risk it; they will go looking for victims elsewhere. In addition, high security locks like the Multi Lock, can be used in conjunction with alarms and other security systems to provide complete protection. Although they are more expensive than traditional locks, the high security mechanisms provide increased protection and are more durable. It is not uncommon to use such a lock for years without having the slightest problem.

The Medeco deadbolt is thought to be immune to bumping and to most of the other known methods of breaking in. A high security lock doesn't need to be bulky or ugly; it even looks better than standard locks in most cases. Although the price you pay for this kind of locks can be high, the security of you and your family are surely worth the extra money.

Medeco Deadbolt Solid brass with 1/4 inch diameter mounting bolts resist wrenching, prying and hammering attacks. One inch throw hardened steel bolt resists sawing and crowbar attacks. Hardened steel inserts and rotating pins provide drill and pick resistance. provides protection against unauthorized key duplication.

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